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Our Company was incorporated 15 years ago as a small scale dyestuff manufacturing unit, today Acid Dyes Manufacturers has emerged as a leading business conglomerate in dyestuff industry. We are Acid Dyes Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter from India. Our products are used in industries like Acid Dyes for Leather, Acid Dyes for Dyeing, Acid Dyes for Paper, Acid Dyes for Nylon, Acid Dyes for Acrylic Fibers, Acid Dyes for Wood Coatings. We are also considered to the best manufacturer and exporter of reactive dyes, basic dyes, acid dyes, solvent dyes globally in countries like Algeria, Brazil, China, Egypt, Itlay, South Africa, Turkey, Spain, Vietnam.

What is Acid Dyes?

ACID dyes are water-soluble dyes that are commonly used to dye natural fibers such as wool, silk, and nylon. The name "ACID" refers to the fact that these dyes are typically applied in an acidic environment, which helps to increase their solubility and ensure that they bond effectively with the fibers.ACID dyes are typically composed of a complex organic molecule that includes both acidic and basic groups. These groups help the dye to bond with the fiber in a process known as "ionic bonding." The acidic groups on the dye molecule bond with the positively charged amino groups on the fiber, while the basic groups on the dye molecule bond with the negatively charged carboxylic groups on the fiber.

ACID dyes are known for their bright and vibrant colors, and they are often used in the textile industry to create colorful fabrics and garments. However, they can be difficult to work with, as they require careful control of the pH and temperature of the dye bath in order to achieve optimal results.We are manufacturer and supplier of acid Dyes. Additionally, ACID dyes are not very lightfast, which means that they can fade over time when exposed to sunlight or other sources of UV radiation.

Acid Dyes Exporter in India

Acid dyes offer a wide range of bright and vibrant colors that are ideal for dyeing protein fibers. They are also highly concentrated, so a small amount of dye can produce a strong color. Acid dyes are commonly used in the textile industry to dye wool and silk fabrics for clothing and home decor. Our company's prepared Acid Violet Dyes, Acid Black Dyes, Acid Orange Dyes are also much supplied and exported acid dyes to the lots of consumers of food processing, textile, paint and more types of industries in a large quantity order basis.They are also used in the production of nylon stockings and other synthetic fibers.

Paper Dyes Manufacturer from India

In the paper industry, acid dyes are used to color paper, particularly for artistic and decorative purposes. Acid dyes can produce a range of colors and shades, from bright and vivid to muted and subtle. we are still the leading Acid Dyes Exporter in India because our trade reaches to the major number of regular clients from the many African, Asian, European countries like Canada, Argentina, Peru, USA, Mexico, and Brazil.The dye can be applied to the paper in various ways, such as by immersion, spraying, or painting. The resulting color is typically more washfast and lightfast than that produced by direct dyes.

Acid Dyes in India

Acid dyes are a class of synthetic, water-soluble dyes that are primarily used to color protein fibers such as wool, silk, and nylon. They are called "acid" dyes because they are typically applied to the fiber in an acidic solution. we are the Acid Dyes Supplier in Gujarat and as well the greatly familiar Manufacturer and Exporter of very pure quality of acid dyes in Ahmedabad, India. The acidic environment helps to protonate the dye molecules, allowing them to bind more strongly to the fiber.

direct dyes, acid dyes require a mordant or fixing agent to help the dye molecules attach to the fiber. The mordant can be an acidic substance such as vinegar or a metallic salt such as aluminum sulfate. The mordant helps to create a stronger bond between the dye molecules and the fiber, resulting in a more washfast and lightfast color. Our company's prepared Acid Violet Dyes, Acid Black Dyes, Acid Orange Dyes are also much supplied and exported acid dyes

Chemical Structure of Acid Dyes

The chemistry and chemical structure of acid dyes is complex in structure and diverse having a sulphonyl or amino group which makes them soluble in water. Our Acid dyes are associated in basic three structure molecules to the following

  • Anthraquinon type
  • Azo dye type
  • Triphenylmethane type
Chemical Structure of Acid Dyes

Different Types of Acid Dyes

Acid dyes can be grouped into three classes relying upon the leveling properties, economy of the dyeing and fastness properties

  • Neutral acid dyes : Supra milling or fast acid dyes they have medium to good wet fastness properties, some of them have low light fastness in pale shades . Usually, these acid dyes are used as self shades only. These are applied to the fiber in a weakly acid pH.
  • Weak acid dyes : These dyes belong to the milling class of dyes. These acid dyes have good fastness properties; light fastness is moderate.
  • Strong acid dyes : Acid dyes applied in a strongly acidic medium and called also leveling dyes, wet fastness properties limited. These acid dyes are suitable to produce the combination shades. (E.g. yellow, red, blue).
Chemical Structure of Acid Dyes

Classifications and Characteristics of Acid Dyes

Properties Leveling acid dyes Milling acid dyes Super milling acid dyes
Introduction Corresponds to molecularly split acid dyes,light fastness is generally good, exhaustion is satisfactory also referred to as "strong acid dyes". Correspond to partially aggregate used where good washing fastness is the main consideration, also referred to as "week acid dyes". Applied from neutral solutions, don't form true solution in water but form colloidal dispersed solution, on boiling they split, also referred to as "neutral acid dyes".
Additive to bath Sulphuric acid Acetic acid Ammonium acetate
pH 2-4 4-6 6-7
Leveling property Good Moderate Very poor
Wet fastness Poor Good Very good
Molecular weight Low High High
Solubility in water High Low Low
State of division in water Molecularly split Colloidal Colloidal
Affinity to protein Low High Very high
Action on cellulosic fiber No staining Staining Staining

Properties of Acid Dyes

Strong Acid Dye Weak Acid Dye Neutral Acid Dye
Dye leveling property is very good Dye leveling property is moderate. Dye leveling power is very poor. So, its usage is very rare.
Strong acids are generally used in this bath Weak acid is used in the dyeing bath Neutral medium is used for dyeing
Its light fastness property is excellent but wet fastness property is not so good PH value is maintained 5.2 - 6.2 PH value around 7
Here we always have to maintain the PH value 2-3 Washing fastness property is good Light fastness property is good
It can be used for cellulosic fibre dyeing Washing fastness property is also good
Our Acid Dyes special features

Our Acid Dyes special features

  • Ecological suitable acid dyers are manufactured by our company
  • Both powdered & liquid acid dyes are available with us
  • Easily soluble in the water types of acid dyes are made by our firm
  • Very lower Ph level comparing to the other company's acid dyes
  • All customers desired color shades of acid dyes that are available with us
  • Finely made acid dyes that is very effective and intense, deep in dyeing of the fabrics, papers, leathers etc
  • Absolutely pure and non-caustic in nature
  • Very fine and well tested quality of dyes
  • Pocket-friendly in costs from our company

WhyAcid Dyes Manufacturers?

Acid Dyes Manufacturers happens to stand at the front position in the quality of Dyestuffs, Pigments and Food Colours for catering different industrial requirements. We are highly demanded by the clients for our in-depth commitment towards their concept and the very deep comprehension that we have towards their needs. Our dedication towards quality, exactness and development has empowered us to move towards the way of accomplishment and to influence our conscious position in both national and global to showcase.

We have possessed the capacity to achieve altruism among our customers for :

  • State-of-the art technology
  • High Quality Products
  • Experienced workforce
  • Customization
  • Timely delivery
  • Competitive pricing
  • Ethical business policies
  • Superior after sales service
  • Recognition in international market
  • Use of advanced technology
  • Customized services
  • Competitive Prices
Acid Dyes Manufacturers

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